Robert Finn

Twenty six year old son of Caspar and Dame Olivia (Cottin), nephew of Sir Trelawny, cousin of Joanna with whom he is in love. As the only non-musical member of a highly gifted musical family, he learned to ride as a child when sent by his parents on long holidays to farms to keep him out of their way. Spent a number of years wandering around the world working as a stockman and for a time in a travelling rodeo. Has only been a professional jockey for two years and got his first rides from small farmers by promising to return his riding fees. Gained a reputation for being able to ride bad horses. Taken on as a second jockey by James Axminster and promoted when the stable jockey, Pip Pankhurst, breaks his leg. He is subject to a concerted effort by someone to ruin his career. Discovers who and why, and also works hard trying to persuade Joanna to reconsider her belief that it is wrong for first cousins to marry.