Captain Thomas Forsyth’s second tour of Afghanistan is cut brutally short when he’s badly wounded by a roadside bomb. Tom’s world is torn apart by the injury – the Army is his life. The thought of never rejoining his regiment is a terrifying prospect and one that he is not willing to entertain.

Tom returns to Lambourn, to his childhood home, where his mother is a racehorse trainer and the ‘First Lady’ of racing. Never having seen eye to eye with his parents, Tom doesn’t expect a hero’s welcome – but even he’s not prepared for the reception that awaits him.

When his mother’s prize horse finishes a disappointing last place in a race he should have won, Tom discovers that the training business is on the edge, and facing a threat far more dangerous than a run of bad form. Tom finds himself on a very different, but just as deadly, battlefield where his military skills are tested… kill or be killed?

"This is a very special book to me and I hope you will enjoy it as much as my father and I enjoyed writing it together. " - Felix Francis

Crossfire was published in hardback in the UK on 3 September 2010 and the US on 17 August 2010