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I just finished Gamble and wanted to encourage you to write another book about Nick Foxton. There are so many unanswered questions. Did Claudia survive? Did they have a family? What direction did his life take? What happened to all the accounts of his racing friends?
I’ve been reading the “Francis Books” from the beginning and have loved every one. Thank you for carrying on the legacy.
Posted By Mary Beth O�Brien on 17/08/2018

I was brought up by a Dick Francis lover and own nearly all his books. I’ve just re-read Banker for the nth time. Like all good books I miss the characters for a while afterwards. Anyway, how about a book with Tim Ekaterin again? I want to know what happened to him!
I’ve also had all your books from the library btw, I just don’t buy books anymore.
Posted By Brenda Hill on 19/06/2018

I just finished Pulse, and must say I loved the main character. It was refreshing to read about a character who is not perfect. I hope she may come back in a future book. Thank you for talking about issues honestly that many people face, and including a great story. Loved it!
Posted By linda frye on 13/01/2018

Did you know 2013 Refusal been left out of the books page on your website?
Posted By bill hammond on 25/10/2017

I have just finished reading Triple Crown which I very much enjoyed. However, on page 432, a BAD proof reading error has occurred. Suddenly Bob Wade is called Bob DEAN, your proof readers need shooting!
Posted By Virginia on 11/01/2017

I would absolutely love to read another book about the character Kit Fielding who starred in Break In and Bolt. Would a follow up be manageable?


Elizabeth Duty
Posted By Liz on 30/12/2016

The way I read a Francis novel:
Get it home. Put it on the dining room table. Look at it. Giggle that it is now mine to read. Make sure the house is in order so there will be no distractions. Make sure the dog has gone out and is fed. Make sure dinner will be ordered in so I can concentrate on the novel. Pour a glass of wine. Toast the book. Inhale the serenity that I will get from starting the novel. Sit in my favorite chair and begin...
Posted By Lizz on 26/10/2016

Dear Mr Francis

I grew up with Dick Francis novels, they were among the first adult books I read as a teenager and now, in my fifties, I understand how much they have shaped my world and formed my life. I find myself quoting phrases from his books, explaining life through the concepts he expressed, understanding life through his principles of courage, fortitude and honour. I feel that he was one of my truest teachers and I will be grateful to him till the end of my days for giving so much to the world that was good and true - and exciting. His philosophy is a constant thread running through my life.

I wish I could have told him while he was alive.
Posted By Brigid Brien on 25/10/2016

Good day Mr. Francis:
I do enjoy the series of stories written by your late father and yourself; but am perplexed by one particular aspect of "Dead Heat" - I am curious as to how was Max Moreton managed to enter the United States without a passport? Presumably his passport was destroyed in his house fire.

Maybe some one can explain the above -

Thank you,
Posted By Vannette Gilbertv on 16/09/2016

Mr. Felix Francis: ***A note for your PAN Books in the event there is a "reprinting" of the novel RAT RACE.

Page 182

"Is it the right aircraft" is an error...

It should read: "It IS the right aircraft"


Stirling Sturk

Your Father has kept me entertained for many, many years, and I hope you will continue in that vein.

Posted By Stirling Sturk on 28/07/2016

Dear Felix,
I found out that Triple Crown is the title of your new book, out on the 22nd of September and that you changed from Michael Joseph to Simon and Schuster Ltd.
As I have collected all Dick
Posted By Jurgen Lothar Rieder on 22/07/2016

Mr. Francis, I have really enjoyed Front Runner and am looking forward to reading more of your books!!
Posted By Pamela Howard on 20/07/2016


I love all your books and the books your father wrote. I have been able to buy e-copies of many of them, but some are not offered in that medium. Is there any way to buy e-copies of all the books?

Posted By Rich Stevens on 15/03/2016

I can not say enough about your books, also your Dad. I have read all the books your Dad wrote, and most of the ones you wrote. In a few pages I am into the story. Most times I get so mad at the bad guy I wish I would meet him.
I just finished Refusal, and it looks like you wrote 3 more since that book, which I will buy. I hope you keep on writing. Regards, Dick Smith
Posted By Richard T. Smith on 17/02/2016

Felix- I just read Damage and would you please bop your American editors upside the head and tell them that if they are going to Americanize the text to at least be consistent. For example, "football" is changed to "soccer" and "in hospital" to "in the hospital", but they leave "flat" alone. One thing I like about reading books written by authors from the UK is to notice the differences from American usage. Great book otherwise, your mom and dad would have been proud of you.
Posted By David Truax on 04/01/2015

I just finished reading Damage and I found it pretty engaging but was very disappointed in the ending - that Felix killed off the bad guy instead of leaving him alive to be processed by the justice system. It makes the book less pleasantly memorable for me and I do not know if I will want to read the next book as this is the third time Felix has killed or caused or allowed the death of the criminal. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth as they say.
Posted By D. Williams on 28/12/2014

I have read Dick Francis for years and recently started rereading his books. He has always shown compassion to the characters and nobility of spirit. I am pleased to see that his books are being reissued. As a racehorse trainer here in the states, I have found he was always current with the "tricks" of the trade. He was on the side of the "good guys" trying to keep the game fair. I encourage all those interested in the Thoroughbred race horse to read his books. They are so factual while telling a great story!
I wish the best to Felix, and have found his books to be of the same quality and level of writing as his dads. IF you, Felix, would like some new ideas come on over to Florida and Ill show you some intriguing situations you could weave into your next novel…and have it take place in good old Florida! would we love that? We have tremendous problems and I fear the demise of racing as we have known it without big changes in our industry. The problem of "designer" drugs has really taken its toll. I feel like the cyclists pedaling furiously behind Lance Armstrong and never getting there since I train with old fashioned horsemanship. Oh well..still trying to get the Good" one to put me back on the map. Keep telling stories that have the good guy winning! We need some hope!
Posted By backyardracehorse on 21/12/2014

Loving the new book, Damage, thus far but really, one just pulls the simcard and puts it in another unlocked phone.
Posted By framework4 on 24/10/2014

I fall hard for any Dick Francis novel. The themes, styles and stories under the writing of Felix Francis has allowed me my 44 year indulgence. Thank you, Felix, for continuing the stories and the sights and sounds of horseracing.
Posted By bevh55 on 13/10/2014

One of my favourite books is "The Edge" , because this is one of those very rare occasions when I come across my home country, and even my hometown where I grew up mentioned in a work of fiction.
I just wondered, if someday in the not too distant future, if there will be another book with the same characters in it ?
and also, on a related topic, will there be any new publications which take place in Canada ?
Posted By Steven Thauberger on 10/10/2014

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